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Very funny video of a kenyan couple having a nice time to themselves in an open park.

It is so cute seeing the way the lady runs like she's extremely late for a job interview hahaha.
The dude on the other hand simply decides to get dressed quietly. Am sure in his mind he would be cursing the POPO. "Police you be guy man na, why you de come fall my hand like this #Godiswatchinguo"
The lady con de greet the police as if dem be her papa. Calm down fellow babe.
We all fuck.Your man's just so stupid to do it in the open. lol. You on the other hand forgot that men think with thier dicks once turned on. Be wiser. NEVER GET CAUGHT

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Feeling a little hot

These days in naija, the heat alone is on some oven levels. Perharps this global warming thing is totally true. Am always naked in my room, and seeing that am always horny, being naked alone just makes me so wet. Might as well play a little bit
What do yal think about ma pussy

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Tripping for one of the most beautiful afican bitches I have ever seen on the Internet. A beauty like no other. I am so ugly once this girl is in the picture. Am a girl but am so tripping. How i would love grind on this pussy