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190 views · 465 days ago

Scouring the web this morning,found this video

This little bitch takes a piss on the side walk of her school building.
There's always a need to do something so fucking crazy. Especially in school. I wonder what the person taking the video must be thinking.
"How I wanna fuck this babe's pussy. But i dont know how to ask her. lol"
What do you all think?
Did you ever think that whilst still a virgin at high school??

130 views · 470 days ago

Beautiful African godess

I mean, it is incredibly hipnotizing watching this video. This african goddess got me so horny my dick almost bursts out of my trousers ready to dive into the first moist hole it could find.
The goddess makes the world know the exact beauty of the body of an african woman. Why would I want some white pussy when I want all of this.

63 views · 471 days ago

Check out this video of public sex in a soweto bar

I certainly wouldn't mind attending an event such as this, being fucked silly by a guy in front of everyone. But the luck guy must certainly have a bigger and much more confident dick than that which this BOZO has here

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Now trending on the web

Famed african star davido's ex girlfriend may have accidentally shared a sextape of a really horny davido.
It's not really clear if it is davido in the video, but if it is, he must really have a small dick brain when he is horny.
He damn near pulled her hair off.